Cantilever Scaffolding

Alex Scaffolding Ltd - Cantilever Scaffolding

At Alex Scaffolding Ltd we specialise in the erection of a wide range of scaffolding on properties in Sutton, Mitcham and Epsom. We are experts are constructing a variety of scaffolds to suit the location and environment of the building. This includes buildings that are on a main or busy road.

Cantilever scaffolding is mainly used for building projects where the property is based on a main road. The scaffold is constructed with steel poles, however, unlike a regular scaffold, these poles are angled from the base of the building to the outer section of the scaffold and help support the working platforms.

As the lower section of the scaffold is angled outwards, it means that the scaffold does not take up any street space, reducing the chance of any damage to the scaffold, building, or workers from pedestrians and traffic.


This scaffold can be used on any size building, however it is difficult to alter the height and is most often used when a building only has one area that needs work performed on.


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