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When it comes to performing any construction or repairs on your property, scaffolding plays a vital role in providing a secure framework for the builders to work from. At Alex Scaffolding Ltd, we have been providing a unique scaffolding service to the people of Sutton, Epsom and Mitcham for many years and we know how important a safe work-space is for any construction project. We also know how important getting the right scaffolding for your property is, as an unsuitable technique can be dangerous to both the workers and your property.


Single Scaffolding in Sutton, Epsom and Mitcham


Single scaffold - known in the scaffold trade as “Bricklayer’s scaffold” - is predominantly used on smaller buildings when performing any construction or repair work. A single scaffold creates a base that is both secure and elevated for the workers to operate from. However, the reason that single scaffolds tend to be used on smaller buildings is due to the fact that they lack maneuverability when trying to raise or lower the platform. This means that a single scaffold is best used when you are working on a specific section of your property, meaning that there is very little need to alter the height of the scaffold.


Double Scaffolding in Sutton, Epsom and Mitcham


Double scaffold - also known as “Mason’s scaffold” - is used more often than not on stone buildings rather than brick ones. This is due to the nature of the stone material. With a normal scaffold, holes are created in the brickwork in order to put support logs through to help keep the scaffold secure. However, with a stone building it is much more difficult to create these holes without damaging the structural integrity of the building.


As such, double scaffolding is created by erecting two sections of scaffold in order to offer extra support for the work platform. However, similarly to single scaffold, double scaffold lack maneuverability when trying to raise or lower the platform and is best used on smaller stone buildings.


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