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When it comes to completing any repair, renovation or building work on a very tall building, you need to look at having a suspended scaffold erected. At Alex Scaffolding Ltd in Sutton, Epsom and Mitcham, we can attach a suspended scaffold to the top of your property in order to provide a safe working space for any labourers.

A suspended scaffold is unique in that the scaffold is attached to the roof rather than the bottom of the building. This means that there is no scaffold on the ground which could be knocked by pedestrians or vehicles.

This type of scaffold is primarily used on very tall buildings where building from the bottom would require too much material and would be a health and safety hazard. With no scaffold on the ground, there is no risk of any pedestrians or vehicles knocking into the scaffold. This is particularly useful if the property is on a main road.

The scaffold is attached to the roof using ropes or wires, and the platform can easily be lowered or raised in order to reach the required section of the building.

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